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Puppybee Facts

Things you may not know about the Puppybee

    ·         Puppybees live in colonies in a hive-cave.

    ·         They eat sunflowers. They can often be observed flying happily around sunflowers enjoying the tasty blooms.

    ·         They do have a stinger, but it doesn’t really sting very well as it is soft. Plus, stabbing someone with your bottom is rude.

    ·         They may wag the stinger when happy, similar to a tail. Puppybees do sometimes turn around and waggle their stinger at you, but this is more of a cheeky insult than a threat display.

    ·         Puppybees often make a sound like ‘puppybee’ or sometimes ‘puppybeeeee’, but this is not their only vocalisation. Usually, puppybees make a sound transcribed approximately as ‘buzzwuff’.

    ·         Puppybees have a Queen, who can be recognised by a tiny golden crown.

    ·         The Queen gives birth to live young – she does not lay eggs. Baby puppybees are known as beepups.

    ·         Puppybees produce honey. They store this carefully in well-organised containers which are hexagonal in shape and stack neatly, but they do not make wax. Honey is used for feeding beepups and occasional snacking. It may sometimes be offered as a gift or sign of friendship.

    ·         They can fly quite fast. At any one time, approximately 10% of all puppybees may be observed flying backwards and making a sound like ‘puppyeeb’. No-one knows why they do this. It doesn’t seem to be confined to specific puppybees.

    ·         Puppybees have tiny lasers that make a ‘pew pew’ noise when fired. However, they are not usually aggressive. All puppybees will defend the Queen.

    ·         Puppybees may also possess tiny round, clear space helmets bearing a single antenna. They are thus enabled to endure the vacuum of space. How the rest of the puppybee manages this is a mystery that has not yet been solved.

    ·         Ancestral puppybees had thicker, longer fur and lived in dwellings known as cave-hives. They carried tiny spears.

    ·         Every spring, puppybees moult, shedding their winter coat as the finer summer coat comes in. This results in small drifts of fluff everywhere, but luckily puppybee fur contains no known allergens.





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